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VELA Chairs | Activity Chairs | Sit-Stand Chairs | Chairs for Independence

an ergonomic activity chair that provides mobility and support for those with pain, balance issues or weakness from stroke, cardio pulmonary issues or neurological conditions - fall prevention is critical to staying independent

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Kitchen Chores
Tango 500E at home
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Designed to help you Move Safely!


  • Four wheeled base

  • Braking system

  • Height adj. Seat

  • Ergonomic design

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Ability to easily "walk the chair"

  • Sit Stand functionality


Tango 700 Manual

all the features with manual height adjustment


Tango 700E Electric

power height adjustment

Multi-Adjustable Backrest Design

our backrest is adjustable in height, backward & forward position as well as tilt angle. This allows personalization of your back support

Electric Height Controls - Left or Right Side

Controls can be mounted left or right side under armrest pad

Different Pedestal Actuators for Maximum Height Adjustment

the pedestal actuators come in multiple height ranges for both electric & manual models - this tailors the chair for individuals with different height requirements

Brake Lever can be mounted left or right side and is easy to apply and lock

Lever Brake Locks Rear Wheels for Stable Safe Transfers


Adjustable Ergonomic Armrests

our armrest adjust in height as low as seat level. They also adjust in and out from the seat to increase or decrease width

Seat easily tilts forward 8-10º for easy standing and transfer

Seat Tilts Forward to Allow East Standing

four wheel base is very safe and stable even at highest seat height

Four Wheel Base Provides Stability

Wheelchair style casters have precision bearings to make moving the chair simple and easy

Precision Caster for Easy Roll while "walking" Chair

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