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VELA Activity Chairs are Distributed Exclusively through Westech Health Care Ltd. in Canada

Sales Service Support

Contact Information:

Westech Health Care Ltd.

154–5255 McCall Way NE

Calgary, AB  T2E 7J5

Toll Free: (844) 323-0022

Local: (587) 323-0022

Fax: (587) 323-0159


VELA Denmark

Since 1935
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Warranty Information

LIFETIME (for the time you own the product) Frame, backrest arm, armrest bars and armrest fixture TWO (2) YEARS Seat mechanism, gas spring or electric actuator ONE (1) YEAR Others, except high-wear items including, but not limited to, castors, textiles and batteries

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is shown under our terms and conditions TAB, but you can also ask us about our trial period.

What happens if the batteries need replacement a few years down the road?

Westech offers replacement 12 volt sealed gel batteries at very competetive prices.

Is there funding for the VELA Chairs?

Classified as an Assisstive Device and with the recommendation of a healthcare professional, often private insurance will support payment, at least partially, for VELA Chairs. Provincial Programs do not cover them for adults at this time, but Westech is asking programs in all provinces to consider the product. Societies and Associations can also be a source for possible funding.

Do I need a prescription from my Doctor?

You do not need a prescription, but your doctor or an Occupational Therapist may recommend a VELA Chair. We can work with you and your healthcare professional to make sure all your requirements are met.

How easy is it to see a VELA Tango chair?

We have a warehouse in Toronto and Calgary and usually arrange for our reps to contact you and schedule a call to assess your requirements and arrange a trial if needed for funding.

I need to transfer laterally. Is that a problem?

No lateral transfers are no problem as the armrests can lower to seat level, or as an option they can flip backwards out of the way of a lateral transfer.

What about different seat heights?

Upon ordering we will make sure that the pedestal installed on your chair gives the proper minimum to maximum height range allowing easy transfers to the toilet or bed and good access to maximum reach overhead.

Could I get a large seat with a small low back?

Yes. The seat is available in different sizes and can be ordered with a low, small back support.

Is there a spec sheet available on the chair I want?

Yes. Contact us and we will gladly send you a spec sheet on any model you are interested in.

What is maximum weight of the user?

The standard Tango frame has a weight capacity up to 160kg. or 350lbs. VELA does have a bariatric model in manual and electric that has a weight capacity of 300kg. or 660lbs.

What is the weight of the Tango 200E?

29 kg. or 64lbs.

What is the most popular colour?

Black is our most popular colour, followed by Red and then Blue

If you would like any product information please submit your name and contacts
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