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NOT Just Another Office Chair
DESIGNED for Active People with Disabilities
Tango 500E.png

four wheeled base with precision casters make the Tango easy to propel with your feet or "walk" the chair

wheel lock lever mounted left or right

base designed for STABILITY

ergonomic back designs fully adjustable

adustable lumbar pad

fully adjustable armrests with Flip Back feature

power height adjustment to stand and reach

ajustable tilt seat (forward & backward)

Tango 500E

  • office chairs are designed to create an impression and a style

  • they say something about your business and who you are

  • office chairs are designed to be relatively stationary

  • they do have function but it is often secondary

  • not necessarily comfortable

  • and not always the most stable

Executive Chair.png
  • this chair looks powerful, but it will be hard to move any distance

  • the five star base gives stability, but it is easy to knock over, especially when elevated

  • when you "walk" an office chair it is likely you will hit your heel on the caster wheel fairly often

  • there is NO brake for standing or preventing the chair from moving while actively reaching overhead

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